Navis Suppply LTD and/or Navis Supplementum d.o.o. is the Croatian Company authorized by the Croatian government for the sales of the EURODIESEL-BS (ULSD 10 ppm) and supply to the commercial ships and yachts. Navis Supply offers the highest grade of the EURODIESEL BS (specs available as per request) for the bunkering in the entire Adriatic Sea. We are also authorized for the sales of the Blue EURODIESEL.

Navis Supply offers full tax free fuel and/or bunkering for the commercial yachts and ships in the following ports: Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Rijeka and Tivat Montenegro at the moment. Not all commercial yachts are eligible for the tax free fuel!!!

If you are interested to receive a quote please contact us on the following emails:



We do not supply tax free fuel and/or duty-free fuel to the private yachts, however we are able to supply normal EURODIESEL BS to the ports where we have obtained concessions from the port authorities of the Croatia.


Bunker supplier license No: 060353985-0882/19