Navis Supply offers fuel, lubricants bunkering for yachts, ships and provisioning services

Navis Supply LTD is a supplier of competitively priced high quality, IMO compliant, marine bunkering products, like ULSD, MGO, Castrol and Shell lubricants all over the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our commitment is to deliver products, sea or ashore, according to your desires and needs within the shortest notice.

Supply services

Marine diesel fuel

We are offering supply of marine grade: LS MGO 0,1 %, ULSD 10 ppm and automotive diesel EDG

Marine lubricants

Supply of marine lubricants of the following brands worldwide: Shell, Castrol, Mobil, Gulf oil.

LNG Bunkering

Currently we offer LNG bunkers in: France, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy. Croatia soon!

Technical marine and offshore services

The founders of our company boast extensive experience in the Marine and Offshore Industry, both at sea as Chief Engineers/TSL’s, and onshore in project management, ship-repair oversight, and shipbuilding procurement.

We’ve spearheaded numerous projects encompassing ship repair, dry-docking, a wide spectrum of vessel inspections, and associated services. Our expertise extends to conducting retrofit installations upon the request of major ship owners, with Riding Teams deployed globally on a continuous basis.

It’s worth noting that the EU nationality of our team facilitates visa-free travel to most destinations worldwide, enabling swift mobilization as needed. Our retrofit projects benefit from the comprehensive expertise of our in-house design team, covering naval architecture, machinery, electrical, and automation aspects, all executed in compliance with Class Approved services and project-specific procedures.

Here’s a glimpse of our service offerings:

1. Proficiency in BWTS retrofit and/or new build installations, representing world-leading BWTS manufacturers with tailored approaches to each project.
2. Global vessel attendance by Riding Teams for various tasks.
3. Retrofit installations of diverse equipment on specific or ‘turn-key’ bases.
4. Turn-key upgrades for STP and AWWTP projects.
5. Boiler systems (control, steam, water, fuel) modifications, upgrades, and optimization worldwide, per owner’s requests, including troubleshooting.
6. Technical consultancy on Asset Management Systems and Planned Maintenance Systems, specializing in database construction, migration, realignment, and cleansing for various ship types.
7. Miscellaneous services encompassing project documentation development, new building supervision, and short to long-term technical tasks and maintenance.
8. Turnkey retrofit projects for Sewage Plants and/or AWWTPs onboard large cruise vessels, polar cruisers, and mega yachts.
9. Conducting various FAT and FAM tests for equipment across different vessel types.

We take pride in our track record of delivering high-quality solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project, ensuring operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

About Us

Navis Supply LTD, also known as Navis Supplementum d.o.o., serves as a trusted physical supplier and trader of IMO compliant marine fuels, catering to the diverse needs of vessels including yachts and ships. Our range includes LSMGO DMA 0.1% and ULSD 10 ppm and/or AGO, (EDG), ensuring adherence to international standards.

In addition to fuel bunkering operations tailored to various vessel types, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of marine lubricants from reputable brands such as Castrol, Shell, Mobil, and Gulf. Our inventory also encompasses hydraulic oils and coolants, all competitively priced on a global scale, contingent upon client and agent approval.

Beyond fuel and lubricants, Navis Supply LTD extends its expertise to ship and yacht provisioning services, complemented by technical support aimed at enhancing vessel performance and reliability.

Our commitment to operational excellence is ingrained in every facet of our services. From inception, we have prioritized customer satisfaction, striving to deliver nothing short of superior service marked by consistency and dependability. With Navis Supply LTD, expect a partnership founded on reliability and a dedication to meeting your maritime needs with unwavering excellence.

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